October 16, 2017

The Thing About Love

Many years ago when I was in my early 20s I was going through some painful relationship issues with the person I was involved with at the time. Back then I was deeply into poetry and so one day I sat down and wrote a poem that I named ‘When Love is Not Enough’.  Back then I had a completely different idea of what love is and what it means. I honestly believed that a relationship could not be based only on love.

Fast forward almost three decades and today I read a young girl’s passionate statement that voiced exactly what I had believed to be true when I was younger and more naive. She was saying that love wasn’t the only thing necessary for a relationship to last because you also had to add respect, self- confidence, trust… her list was long.

As I read what she wrote, I was reminded of that passionate poem I had written and how when I was her age I had that exact idea. But this month I will have lived on this planet for 48 amazing years. And I can see clearly now.

I realized that at some point of my journey I redefined love. Now my definition includes all those other qualities. It includes self-love, respect, trust, loyalty, playfulness, peace, appreciation, gratitude, determination, resilience, self-control… ALL of those are manifestations of love.

Needless to say I no longer believe that love is not enough. And if I ever find that little notebook where I kept all the poems I wrote, I will tear out that page because now I know that love is more than romance and flowers, violins, and holding hands, and sex. It’s the very essence of who we are and we are enough. And that kind of Love… the true kind… IS enough.


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  1. Michelle November 5, 2017 9:47 am

    Asi es, en el libro The Love Dare, menciona que el MATRIMONIO ES UNA CARRERA DE RESISTENCIA Y NO DE VELOCIDAD. Debemos instruirnos, estudiamos tanto para ser Buenos profesionales, y descuidamos las cosas importantes como la crianza de nuestros hij@s, como conserver nuestros matrimonios, los procesos de nuestras etapas de vida, incluso nuestra vejez, si llegamos como la viviremos????, la meditacion e introspeccion nos lleva a un punto reflexive donde logramos hacer grandes o pequenos cambios en nuestra vida, que signican mucho para nuestro future.



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