October 24, 2017

The Conspiracy

Not too long ago I spoke to a woman who gave me a detailed description of how she beat up her man and dug her fingernails into his arms and neck because she got angry over some random picture of a young woman on his phone. Then she told me she’s angry because he grabbed her to keep her from scratching his face. She claims that he physically abused her by grabbing her wrists to protect himself.

This is not an isolated incident.

I hear stories like these about once a week.

I’m in no way weakening the reality of men abusing women. That’s evil, but so is the alarming reality of women battering men and seeing it as standard acceptable female behavior.

At the supermarket one afternoon I heard a young couple giggling as they read the adjectives on a popular candy bar: psychotic, bitter, crazy, jealous…. the adjectives were in Spanish so they were gender specific. They were actually discussing which one best described the young woman. After a moment she proudly chose two: crazy and bitter. (loca y amargada) I don’t even want to imagine the things she believes about herself in the privacy of her mind.

I can tell you that for the last ten or so years I have noticed a growing tendency in which society is trying hard to convince Latin American women that acting ‘crazy’ is acceptable.
It shows up in the famous novelas: the histrionic woman gets the guy.
It shows up in songs: Did you ever listen to Shakira’s hit ‘Loca’?
It shows up in commercials: A popular language institute uses a wedding story to prove the importance of speaking English. When the groom says ‘in sickness and in health’ the bride, who doesn’t speak English, somehow understands ‘te metiste con Raquel’ and then punches out his front teeth at the altar. After somebody helps her understand the phrase, they get married as if nothing happened.

This is probably all part of the global dumbing-down conspiracy and like sheep, the unsuspecting follow the m-asses.


  1. Marilyn Quiroz October 24, 2017 7:15 pm

    Muy cierto lo que mencionas en tu lista de cosas que supuestamente controlan nuestro dia a dia y toda la vida , rompiedo con lo establecido vivimos mas libres , mas felices ,no hay porque amargarse por lo que no podemos cambiar mas bien , hay que agradecer por todo malo o bueno y seguir tratando de hacer las cosas mejor cada dia, exigirnos a nosotros dejando de ilusionarnos con lo que puede o debe suceder .

  2. Joy Philip November 7, 2017 5:54 am

    This twisted notion society insists on placing upon us that one size fits all is what I have always fought against. I prefer to dance at my on tune. The action of doing something unique and amazingly different every day sounds more appealing to me that following someone elses in society definition of how it should be.


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