Strong women

Don’t get confused.
A strong woman is not the arrogant lady that struts around ‘putting everybody in his or her place’. A strong woman is not that lady that prides herself on being able to make adult men shake in their boots. A strong woman is not the person whose roar can be heard above everybody else’s voice and it’s definitely not the person who ‘goes to work every morning as if she didnt spend the whole night crying’.
No. Not at all.
A strong woman is the one who is in total control of her emotions at all times. The one whose words only leave her mouth after they have been accounted for. The woman who leads without having to offend and belittle and who inspires change in all those who come in contact with her. The woman who never bites off more than she can chew and who manages all areas of her life with wisdom. The woman who loves herself unapologetically.
That’s the strong woman.
The others? Those are just overgrown little girls throwing a tantrum.

3 thoughts on “Strong women

  1. Totalmente de acuerdo. Lo que escribes es cierto a mi me sucede constantemente y por eso he tenido que definir y reforzar los límites de mi privacidad. Es más siento que si alguien tiene un problema y decide resolverlo debe mostrar su compromiso al ir a las citas y pagar el costo indicado, es una falta de respeto con el profesional pretender que le otorgue sus servicios profesionales de forma gratuita.

  2. A mi me llegó el video recientemente junto con la pregunta ¿Qué opinas? No respondí. Me encantó el video porque es informativo y personal. Para que yo tome una desición a mi beneficio (y mi pareja). No para alardear, criticar u opinar. CADA LOCO CON SU TEMA! Me volvieron a indagar al respecto y dije: Ya existen 2 libros escritos por la misma autora que nos dan màs detalles a las damas sobre cómo implementar estos cambios necesarios. Leelos!

  3. I just read this blogg in english. This called my attention: “The woman who never bite off more than she can chew.” I wonder… I believe to be a selective person. I meditate before taking an action (bite). I really hate when some bosses pressure me to do more after I have fulfilled the requirements and done even more than what they specified. I enjoy whayever I decided or compromised to do. But when they try pressuring to go in the direction they think is right or better for me or the project, they definitely loose me.

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